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Twilight Sparkles

White Widow Autoflower
05.24.2022 was planted
Updated 1 day ago
room type
GT 60x60x140cm(2x2x4.5)
GT 60x60x140cm(2x2x4.5)
grow tent
LED / 100W
LED / 100W
TS 600
LED / 100W
LED / 100W
TS 600
5 Week (06.21.2022) Vegetation

Photos and Videos

June 21, 2022 17" tall
June 22, 2022 18" tall
June 23, 2022 20.5" why is she so tall? Any input greatly appreciated
June 25, 2022 24" tall. Pre-flower or full swing flower?
June 26, 2022 27" tall. Here we go!

Impressions about plant

June 21, 2022
17" beginning week 4 of veg. I had to raise my light to the very top and hit the bottom of my vent system. It was only a 5" raise, so we are sitting at 18" of canopy distance. I might have to pull the vent system and run it outside the tent just to get the light up higher.
34% soil moisture, ambient temp of 74.3° and a humidity level of 55% kind of high to be honest.
Update: dialed in my grow system for 75.4° and 49% humidity. Will be stacking my exhaust system on the top port of my tent. Need more room.

June 22, 2022
She's growing steady and happily. 18" tall as of this morning. Temp and humidity are pretty stable.
50% humidity
75° temp
32% soil moisture
Light Distance is 17"

June 23, 2022
Ventilation has been moved outside of the tent. Had to raise the grow light up 3". She's pushing 21" and is starting to get wider and just overall nice and big. So now the light is 17" from the canopy. . 250ml bottom feed. 3 blumats up top are doing great.
Height 21.5"
Light distance 17"
Temp 74.3°
Humidity 53% trying to lower it.
Soil moisture 29% top feeding tomorrow for a nice even spread throughout.
Am I growing an abnormally large autoflower? It's supposed to be 20 to 24 inches tall. Is that before the flowering stretch? Maybe?

June 24, 2022
Today we have a 22" lady who is 28 days old. The internodal spacing is perfect IMO. Long on the bottom and significantly shorter on the top. Light penetration and air circulation are perfect. I have been rotating a quarter turn a day to keep growth as even as possible. It's definitely working.
I'm seeing the first signs of flower. Light green tops.
Temp 73.6
Humidity 52%
Height 22"
Light Distance 15" (will be raised again.)
Soil moisture 35% ( watering today with tiger bloom)
Foliage is coming in very nicely. Still lots of space between branches.
Update! It's been just over 2 hours and she went from 22" to 23.25". Whaaaaaa?! I had to raise the light to about 3" from the tent ceiling.

June 25, 2022
I officially have a 2 ft tall autoflower that just started pre-flower. I want to see how much she stretches. She's definitely filling out her foliage though. I decided tucking a couple of the large fan leaves wouldn't hurt with my "natural grow". All branches are reaching out and up. I expect to be wall to wall in a few days. Luckily, my technique seems to be paying off. Internodal spacing is TIGHT on the tops. So in theory, I won't have any super low bud sites. Light penetration is excellent as well as air flow. The only issue I'm running into is size. She is getting too big for my live feed to see my hydrometer. I'll have to fix that. Bottom feeding 400ml today as well.
Temp is 74°
Humidity 50%
Plant height. 24"
Light Distance 16"
Moisture 33%
1 quarter turn
Bottom feed 400ml.
Update: she is officially flowering. I thought I'd see another day or so in pre-flower, but nope. Flowers just started popping. I added 12.5ml of FF Tiger Bloom to the reservoir after topping it off. It's a quarter dose.

June 26, 2022
She's definitely stretching. Flowering stretch is in full swing. She's definitely filling out and super fast. Bud sites are popping up everywhere.
Temp 74°
Humidity 48%
Soil moisture 38%
Height 27"
Light Distance 15"
Not much to do today. Pics taken, rotation complete, watering not needed, temp and humidity are stable, no need to work on the plant. Every leaf is super healthy and none of them are in the way. Open foliage. Lots of it, but it's nice and spaced apart, light and air are freely penetrating top and bottom of the plant. Everything looks great, so no messing with her until there is an actual need. Pics and measurements will continue daily as well as rotation. Anything else, unless there's an issue, will just be left alone from here on out. Tucking seems to be unnecessary anymore, too late to LST if I needed to. No dying leaves, no issues whatsoever. I did break a fan leaf off yesterday. It was the lowest one and I made a nice clean cut at the node, so I'm not fussed about it. So even if it stressed her, she has enough foliage to recover almost immediately. Not to mention there won't be anymore tucking anyway.

June 27, 2022
Growth slowed down a bit. I'm calling the calm before the storm. Unless this is it and I have the perfect sized plant for my setup. Anyway, she is wall to wall now. Foliage is coming in nicely. Still very open. I did a quarter turn this morning.
Temp 75°
Humidity 48%
Height 28"
Light Distance 16"
I've been very so slightly adjusting my 4 tucked leaves. Just to keep from blocking the lower bud sites. The lower branches are all the way out now, but there are some branch nodes right next to the fan leaves. That was my adjustment. I moved a finger under that growth site. I also had 2 budding sites at the very bottom of the main stem. So I pinched them off. I don't want the energy wasted for buds that definitely won't be viable. She's definitely not a traditional Christmas tree shape. More like an egg shape. More branches are catching up to the main cola. I have a feeling that this shape is going to produce a lot of "tops" especially because they are already hitting each wall. So the only place they have to go is up. I wonder if the main cola will grow less. Because of the shape and setup, that may be a possibility. Just speculation of course.

Grow Conditions

17 inch
73.5 °F
Day air temperature
70 °F
Night air temperature
0.25 °l
Watering volume
20 hrs
Light schedule
50 %
Air humidity
5 gal
Pot size
18 inch
Lamp to plant distance