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White Widow Auto

White Widow Autoflower
11.25.2022 was planted
Updated 3 hours ago
room type
GT 100x100x180cm(3x3x6)
GT 100x100x180cm(3x3x6)
grow tent
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
9 Week (01.20.2023) Flowering

Photos and Videos

January 20, 2023 WWA-1 has nice buds.
January 21, 2023 The ladies looking awesome!
January 22, 2023 Look at those purples!
January 24, 2023 Both ladies enjoying their home.
January 25, 2023 WWA-2 is stunning. Purple leaves coming in more and more.

Impressions about plant

January 20, 2023 Day 57
This week is going to be exciting! Both ladies are now officially in full flower and will be getting the same nutrients starting tomorrow. Both ladies are 17" tall. Shorter than I expected, but still nicely grow and shaped. There are some noticable differences between the 2 now that I am looking at them. The leaf structure is different. The coloring is just weird on WWA-1 and WWA-2 is getting some beautiful purpling. The buds are also different on WWA-2. She has purple leaves coming out and some purple pistils as well. I really can't tell what to look for with any of these plants lol. None have been remotely the same. Lol. WWA-1 is now in her 3rd week of flower. I expect another 4 weeks from her and another 5 weeks left for WWA-2. However, I am in a completely different and better setup from the last white widow I grew. I'm still a bit confused why I'm not getting taller plants though. I'm going to try some different training methods for my next grow.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 75.3°
RH: 56.5%
VPD: 1.29

Update: I did a mild defoliation on WWA-1 and WWA-2 just to open a few spots.

January 21, 2023
Today, our ladies got a few more leaves cut. Just a couple I missed yesterday. They look great and are beginning to really build those buds. Both ladies are now taking 2.5 ml of tiger bloom for this week. Next week will be 5 ml and the week after 7.5 ml. Then I will taper down to the last week of flower.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.8°
RH: 53.9%
VPD: 1.34

January 22, 2023
Today, our ladies are enjoying life flowering and drinking. Snipped 2 leaves that were blocking some middle canopy bud sites. These are really leafy. I really need a good lesson on defoliation I think.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.8°
RH: 52.0%
VPD: 1.40

January 23, 2023
The ladies are doing very well today. Both are drinking and bud building. Not much else to report. Both ladies are taking in around 1.5 liters of water. Very nice indeed.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.8°
RH: 49.9%
VPD: 1.47

January 24, 2023
Nothing happening today. WWA-2 got a watering. And I took pictures. Humidity is down a bit.

Temp: 75.3°
RH: 49.3%
VPD: 1.52

January 25, 2023
Both ladies are just enjoying life now. Not much else to report. No clipping anything today. Just rotating them and that's it. WWA-2 is stunning as ever. Purple leaves are coming in more and more. Her buds seem a bit small though. It could mean they will be dense. I don't know. She should start really building next week when I up her bloom dose. WWA-1 has some wonderful bud formations. They are all nice and cone shaped and about the same size all around. These buds are going to get big. I just ordered some Fish Sh!t so I'll add some to the ladies when it gets here. It should revive the soil microbes. Hopefully that will help with their nutrient uptake. They aren't taking in much water as it is. I wonder what that's all about. Any insight?

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.0°
RH: 49.2%
VPD: 1.45

January 26, 2023
Both ladies are doing quite well. I'm fighting a small fly infestation. Nothing crazy, I'm just battling with them with this defender stuff I have. Seems to be working. They won't go in the soil anymore. I have been spraying for 3 days now. I'm going to run a spray tonight when the lights go out. I snipped a couple leaves today. Just clearing up more bud sites. I also decided to try lowering the light to see what happens with bud growth. I dropped it down to 13" from the canopy. Hopefully that gives more bud.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.5°
RH: 50.1%
VPD: 1.45

Grow Conditions

17 inch
76 °F
Day air temperature
67 °F
Night air temperature
2 °l
Watering volume
18 hrs
Light schedule
53.6 %
Air humidity
3 gal
Pot size
19 inch
Lamp to plant distance


Tiger Bloom

Tiger Bloom

Fox Farm
2.5 ml/gal

Grow Techniques