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White Widow Auto

White Widow Autoflower
11.25.2022 was planted
Updated 1 year ago
room type
GT 100x100x180cm(3x3x6)
GT 100x100x180cm(3x3x6)
grow tent
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
4 Week (12.16.2022) Vegetation

Photos and Videos

December 16, 3022 Ladies looking great
December 17, 2022 Happy ladies
December 18, 2022 Can't complain. Looking great.
December 20, 2022 Looking fantastic as always.
December 21, 2022 Both ladies happy as can be.

Impressions about plant

December 16, 2022 Day 22
The ladies are super healthy and hopefully will start more vigorous growth this week.
There is a 1 inch difference, but they are both level with the light.
Beautiful coloring and leaf development. Wonderful.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 73.3°
RH: 53.1%
VPD: 1.30

December 17, 2022
These ladies are both looking great! Their branches are starting to grow and expand. Lush green, broad leaves. They are starting to get a bit more thirsty. It's great! I cannot wait to see what they like after the stretch.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 72.7°
RH: 51.9%
VPD: 1.29

December 18, 2022
Both ladies are quite nice looking. I relocated one of them to the back where the light is more intense and direct.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 72.3°
RH: 51%
VPD: 1.31

December 19, 2022
The ladies are really looking great! Lush greens and strong branches. Nice broad leaves. They should be really good plants.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 72.8°
RH: 50%
VPD: 1.35
Update: I pulled out 2 plants from a previous grow. It made all the difference in space. They were both fails, but can't waste the bud.

December 20, 2022
Both ladies are growing super strong. I can't wait to see their stretch. Giving them a bit more room from the other 2 helped quite a bit I think. Much more space for light penetration. Although, I'll be starting a new seed or 2 in about a week. I wanna see these ladies start to flower first.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 71.8°
RH: 51.6%
VPD: 1.27

December 21, 2022
Ladies looking great today. They are growing an average of 1/2" a day. But that should start to pick up speed.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 72.5°
RH: 51.2%
VPD: 1.31

December 22, 2022
The ladies are looking awesome! Both are showing their sex now so based on previous grows, I expect them to start pre-flower in a few days. Both of them have very broad leaves. I'm waiting for them to get massive.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 73.4°
RH: 54.3%
VPD: 1.26

Grow Conditions

7 inch
74 °F
Day air temperature
65 °F
Night air temperature
No smell
1 °l
Watering volume
18 hrs
Light schedule
50 %
Air humidity
3 gal
Pot size
32 inch
Lamp to plant distance