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Round 2 WC,GT,ZTL

Zkittlez Autoflower
11.08.2022 was planted
Updated 1 day ago
room type
LED / 640W
LED / 640W
Mars Pro II Epistar 320
LED / 640W
LED / 640W
Mars Pro II Epistar 320
12 Week (01.24.2023) Flowering

Photos and Videos

Wedding Cake
Room Shot
Getting pretty!

Impressions about plant

The buds continue to mend together nicely. I am on the same pace as the prior group that I grew and expect that these will be ready to harvest about the 14th week. The amount of growth in the past week has been exciting to see. I added some classical music to the room per a suggestion from a fellow grower on this forum. It struck a chord with me (pun intended), I remember a greenhouse experiment I read about in the 1980's where Classical music was played to a group of plants in one greenhouse and Heavy Metal music was played to a second group of plants, there was a control group that got no music. The plants that received the classical music showed a significant improvement in their health vs. both groups. interestingly the Heavy Metal had stunting effects. If nothing else I do enjoy sitting in the room with my girls and listening for a short while, maybe their increase has to do with my deep breathing out CO2 for them. Either way it's a peaceful place I definitely enjoy. (Just so you know I still like my Rock and Roll, just prefer it when smoking vs. when growing!)
Fertilizing this week and then I will begin a two-week flush using only water. This may have a minimal effect on the size of the finished product, but the quality of the smoke is well worth a little sacrificed volume. I ended up with 20 Ounces last grow and expect to see as much if not more from this round, and I grow it for my own use. (I definitely share!) So, loosing even an ounce per grow to improved quality is not diminishing for me in any way.
I have a really nice Clone Mother of Cataract Kush that has become a really cool bonsai tree. As soon as these are done, I am going to turn the lights back on this girl and see what happens. I have grown outdoors, now I have grown indoor Feminized Autos a few batches and they were easy on me. This will be my first attempt at photo-period plants indoors.
The journey is fun, and the rewards are wonderful why would you ever want it to end?!!
I think next week i am going to try and do a video of each plant and see how that goes, the picture is just insufficient to display the 3 strains that I have in this group.

Grow Conditions

56 inch
78 °F
Day air temperature
65 °F
Night air temperature
70 °F
Substrate temperature
2 gal
Watering volume
16 hrs
Light schedule
60 %
Air humidity
3 gal
Pot size
16 inch
Lamp to plant distance