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BruceBanner by ILGM

Bruce Banner Feminized
03.01.2022 was planted
Updated 1 year ago
room type
4 Week (03.22.2022) Vegetation

Photos and Videos

BruceBanner-Fem 4th week of Veg and Love her Strong Shapes
BruceBanner-Fem 4th week of Veg and Love her Strong Shapes
BruceBanner-Fem 4th week of Veg and Love her Strong Shapes
BruceBanner-Fem 4th week of Veg and Love her Strong Shapes
BruceBanner-Fem 4th week of Veg and Love her Strong Shapes

Impressions about plant

4th week of Veg Update of my ILGM ilovegrowingmarijuana.com #HeroMixpack I Can't wait to try them out! Love thier different structures and shapes! Thier Growing Up at a Rapid Rate and Stretching out! All the genetics #SkywalkerOG-Fem #BruceBanner-Fem #BlackWidow-Fem seeds looking Amazing with the Tigerstripes, Shape and how Plump they are! I'm Totally Satisfied! Thanks Again Team! Yo!!! They popped in under 24hrs in the wet paper towel method and now that they've busted out of thier ProMix potting mix medium, I water them when dry with a little more than a shot glass 1.5 oz or 44ml of Declorinated Tap water that's Ph'd to around a 6.4-6.3 using TNB ph Up$Down and moving the water ring further away from the main stem! They're Growing under our Bodacious #BloomPlus1500w with the 150w Done driver in our 2×4.5×7ft. GrowTank GrowCloset with the 18/6 lighting schedule cause Everything needs a little rest! Our Grows also get Enhanced with #TNBNaturals The Enhancer with my Special Steady'z mix in their bottles! I'm Back and it's Showtime my fellow Growmies and Growmets! Check it Out!!! I received my ILGM HeroMixpack by Winning a $79 Coupon Code from my Broski DrWeedMan's ILGM Giveaway's and after I added to it! Make sure you guys check out All the links posted in my Description! I want to throw my Broski #DrWeedMan @dr._weedman a Humongous Shout Out for hosting and sharing those Loaded Coupon Codes in his IloveGrowingMarijuana @Ilovegrowingmarijuana_strains I❤GM Glorious GiveAways! He's an Awesome Friend and our #BudBrother indeed that Grows some Fragrant$Fire Fruitz!!! Cause he Grows some Fine ass Treez! He's also Sponsored by #ILGM and has all sorts of Growing Methods, Terrific Techniques and Tight Tipz to share for our Grows! Let's Grow!!! I'm very Gracious, Thankful and Appreciate these Illustrious, Lengedary, Gorgeous and Magnificent genetics! Definitely Outstanding, EyePopping, Fantastic and Full of Fire!!! Make sure you guys Get on over to my Bro'z #DrWM Instagram and YouTube and Please #Follow #Subscribe $ #Hit that #Like button, if possible let him know I sent ya! #ILGM are Great Growers, Bodacious Breeders and Pleasant People that I'm Glad to be apart of the Family/Team with! Don't forget to Check out the Downloadable #GrowBible by #RobertBergman that gives you step by step Instructions to Achieve and Flourish plants from starting Up a Grow to Finishing your Finest Treez with 30+ years of Experience, Top Quality Strains and Award-Winning Phenotypes! Robert Bergman is the founder of the incredible I Love Growing Marijuana company! Robert started his company 30 years ago in a home base set up with only 5 plants! He later expanded his business into a 14 person team! Now, I Love Growing Marijuana is a company that sells only the best seeds that the market has to offer! ILGM has a goal and that goal is to ensure that even a novice grower can grow the marijuana they want! The company also provides in-depth training resources for those that may have little to no experience! The company even sells a beginners kit to help get you started! ILGM sells all types of seeds from the popular indicas and sativas to newer seeds that no one has heard of! WORD!!! I Love Growing Marijuana also sells, fertilizers, plant protectors, and seeds in regards to the climate they will be Grown in! They also have a 💯 Germination warranty with Fast and Discreet shipping! I'm Most Definitely Satisfied and Can't wait to get some of this #HeroMixpack Going and Growing! Your Strains are Powerful, Potent and Perfectly Priced! I Can't wait to Try out, Test and Review these Colorfully Crafted Cannabis strains to Enhance our Brains and Help relieve our pains! Thanks Again Everyone and Everybody! I also want to throw Miss #Claire a Humongous Shout Out for her being a Nice, Respectful, Honest, Very Professional Customer Service Representative! Make sure you guys go over and Check out thier #DetailedSeedscategories #SeedDeals #Fertilizers #GrowGuides #Journals #Forum & #StrainReviews on thier Website SeedBank! Your a Fantastic Family and Tremendous Team!!! It's my Pleasure and I'll do my Best!!! With the Help of my Broski #GallowGlas420 making my original Masterpiece's! I Made, Perfected and Hope Everyone Enjoys these New Introductions, Mail Call arriving soon and Outros! I also Hope that Everyone will and Go Spread That Love to you Guys on your #Youtube #Instagram #Facebook #GrowDiaries and #WebsiteSeedBank! I'll most definitely have their Link's posted Below⬇! #BudBrothers4-L!!! Cheers Famz!!! Much Props, Topz and Much Love!💯

ILGM YouTube channel Link: https://youtube.com/c/RobertBergman420






Dr.WeedMan YouTube channel Link: https://youtube.com/c/DrWeedMan


Grow Conditions

7 inch
76 °F
Day air temperature
72 °F
Night air temperature