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First TIme Growing

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized
04.21.2022 was planted
Updated 10 months ago
room type
GT 48x48x80
GT 48x48x80
grow tent
LED / 400W
LED / 400W
9 Week (06.16.2022) Vegetation
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Photos and Videos

Mystery Girl. This seed came from a package of 10 GSCE seeds. However she does not look like the other GSCE plants she is growing side by side on. Different structure and leaves
These other three plants look the same
All the plants are now doing very well
Another good-looking girl scout
Started getting this on the leaves of the 3 GSCE plants. The mystery girl didn't get it.

Impressions about plant

I'm a first-time grower and have a lot to learn about growing weed. I'm basically doing this for medicinal usage. During the previous two growth weeks, three out of the four plants started showing some type of problems on some of the leaves. I am using Coast of Maine, Stonington Blend, and worm casting tea for fertilizer every other watering. I looked at pics of deficiencies and toxicity of weed plants and found couple of possibilities. Or, the possibility of too high a ph in the soil or overwatering. My soil ph was a little high at 6.9. I didn't think overwatering was an issue as before I watered them I would check the pot in quite a few spots using a moisture meter before watering. No water unless I was in the red on the moisture meter.

I did a lot of research on the ILGM forum and on the web about my problem. I decided to try something on the worst looking plant. I read up on Hydrogen Peroxide. I gave that plant a good flushing on 6/19 with one part 3% HP and two parts RO water. Well the soil got all foamy and I thought that was the end of my plant. Put it back in the tent and checked on it the next day 18 hours later. Boy was I surprised. It lived, and it looked vibrant. Now my biggest fear was that I killed all the microbial activity in the soil. So I top dressed the soil with worm castings, and watered/fed the plant with another 3/4 gallon of RO water with 2.5 ml of Hydro Guard, 2 tsp of Bio-Thrive, 10 ml of Hydrozyme, then adjusting the solution to 6.2 ph. I did the same to the other two plants showing distress. The attached pictures are from today 6/22. They have rebounded and look great. I have included the 5th picture of what the sick leaves looked like. Today those same leaves are better looking they actually have life in them again and look much much better.

Now here is a question that I'm sure no one will be able to answer. I purchased a package of 10 feminized girl scout cookies
extreme from ILGM. I geminated four and they are the ones I am growing. As they are getting larger it is very evident that three are from the same strain, but the first picture is of another kind of weed. The plant is very compact, different type plant structure, and different type leaves. Any possible ideas on what this mystery plant will be?

Grow Conditions

13 inch
76 °F
Day air temperature
71 °F
Night air temperature
No smell
494 mS/cm
72 °F
Solution temperature
72 °F
Substrate temperature
75 gal
Watering volume
18 hrs
Light schedule
57 %
Air humidity
5 gal
Pot size
18 inch
Lamp to plant distance

Grow Techniques