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Blueberry Perp

Blueberry Autoflower
09.24.2022 was planted
Updated 3 days ago
room type
GT 36x36x72
GT 36x36x72
grow tent
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
18 Week (01.21.2023) Flowering

Photos and Videos

January 21, 2023 Almost there. Another day.
January 22, 2023 Dark tent. 24-48 hours
January 23, 2023 1 lb 4.72 oz wet weight.
January 26, 2023

Impressions about plant

January 21, 2023 Day 88
BBA-3a will be harvested in the next day or 2. I wanted to set the week for harvest, but then I won't have time for the final weight. So this week is the last 2 days of flower. Lol.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.8°
RH: 53.9%
VPD: 1.34

January 22, 2023
BBA-3a is finally in the last days of her grow. I'm putting her in a dark tent for the next day or two and then she gets the chop. FINALLY

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 74.8°
RH: 52.0%
VPD: 1.40

January 23, 2023 Day 90 HARVEST DAY!
This was a long road. 90 days seems a bit long IMO. But worth it! Wet weight was 587 grams. Just under 21 oz. Based on the recommendation of 80% weight loss, we are looking at 117 grams dry. 4.2 oz. Noice! A good range would be 88 grams at 85% loss and 176 grams at 70% loss. Somewhere in the middle. Maybe 3.5 oz. to 6.25 oz. We will find out.

Temp: 66°
RH: 52%

January 24, 2023 Day 1 Drying
I had to make a few changes in the dry tent. Had a box with a Germination Center in it. I have to check on my seedlings a few times a day, so opening the tent is just unproductive for the drying plant. So the Germination Center is now in the Grow Tent and the dry tent is now for drying. Now I should be good for the next 7 to 10 days.

Dry Tent Environment:
Temp: 68°
RH: 52% trying to get it up to 55%

January 25, 2023
Day 2 drying. Nothing else to report. Well, grandpa gave her the old approval. He doesn't smoke, but did some research when I started growing. He seems to know his shit. Lol. He asked when I was going to start growing some real sized plants. He wants to see 6 ft plants.

Dry Tent Environment:
Temp: 67°
RH: 52% a bit too low.

January 26, 2023
Day 3 drying.
Everything looks good.

Dry Tent Environment:
Temp: 65°
RH: 62%

January 27, 2023
Day 4 drying.

Dry Tent Environment:
Temp: 66°
RH: 56%

Grow Conditions

17 inch
76 °F
Day air temperature
67 °F
Night air temperature
1 °l
Watering volume
18 hrs
Light schedule
53.5 %
Air humidity
3 gal
Pot size
20 inch
Lamp to plant distance