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Blueberry Perp

Blueberry Autoflower
09.24.2022 was planted
Updated 3 days ago
room type
GT 36x36x72
GT 36x36x72
grow tent
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
LED / 240W
LED / 240W
Mars Pro II Epistar 120
1 Week (09.24.2022) Germination

Photos and Videos

September 23, 2022 New babies ready to break surface.
September 24, 2022 I see a little baby popping up.
September 25, 2022 Welcome BBA-3 to the world.
September 26, 2022 1/4 gallon nursery bag in tent.

Impressions about plant

September 23, 2022
This is a perpetual harvest. I already have BBA-1 and BBA-2 in the tent in pre-flower.
BBA-1 final stretch and moving along. Super dense foliage and compact. 7.5"
BBA-2 is a Dwarf also in the final stretch. Perky and growing. 4.5"
BBA-3 and BBA-4 are germinating under a red light. I expect both to emerge by tomorrow.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 77.1°
RH: 53.9%
VPD: 1.45

Seedling Center Environment:
Temp: 80.8°
RH: 72.1%
VPD: 1.03

September 24, 2022
BBA-1 short, squat, defoliated and LST'd
BBA-2 still a dwarf. Defoliated and top bend only
BBA-3 popping today
BBA-4 a tiny bit behind but I expect her to pop today.

I changed the light to blurple. I feel like it makes more sense. I'm debating if I want to keep the babies in the Seedling Center for a week or 2. I technically don't need to. I have room in the tent for them. Maybe, just a week until they outgrow the jiffy pellets.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 77.3°
RH: 55.2%
VPD: 55.2

Seedling Center Environment:
Temp: 81°
RH: 65.6%
VPD: 1.24

September 25, 2022
One of the seeds hasn't popped yet. So I'm trying the paper towel method. I also have another seed germinating so I don't lose momentum. If both germinate, I'll just have to work with 6 plants for a few weeks.
BBA-3 popped the soil last night and is quickly stretching. I plan on keeping her in there until I see the tap root out of the jiffy pellet.

BBA-1 and BBA-2 are both doing lovely with their defoliation and LST.
Sadly, BBA-4 must be replaced with a new seed. I have her in a paper towel to see if she pops. The new seed is in water until tomorrow morning then a paper towel for the next few days. I wanna see that tap root from now on.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 80.5°
RH: 57.2%
VPD: 1.48
Hot rainy day. Whole environment is messed up.

Seedling Center Environment:
Temp: 81.3
RH: 71.3%
VPD: 1.06
Same issue with the tent environment. Hot and rainy.

September 26, 2022
BBA-1 and BBA-2 both had slight defoliation today. I think the last one unless something gets too big.
BBA-3 outgrew the dome and already grew nearly 2 inches. I placed her in the front of the tent on the floor in a nursery bag using Coast of Maine seed start organic soil. She's 36" from the grow light (recommended). And the temp and humidity happen to be close enough. I also used the dome and secured it to keep it up high. Worked like a charm.

Grow System Environment:
Temp: 79.5°
RH: 59.5%
VPD: 1.36

Seedling Center Environment:
Temp: 77°
RH: 63%
VPD: 1.20
Currently the the light is off for the seeds to finish germination. Heat pad in on to keep them warm.

Grow Conditions

0 inch
77 °F
Day air temperature
77 °F
Night air temperature
No smell
72 %
Air humidity
3 gal
Pot size